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Why study?

The general objectives of the double Degree in Physiotherapy and CAFE are: To train a professional who is able to approach holistically both the process of functional recovery throughout the injury and the reintroduction to physical activity and sports, once passed this process.

In addition, to prepare graduates by promoting quality in professional intervention that will be linked to the therapeutic exercise, maintenance and recovery of people's health, through the application of knowledge and techniques of physiotherapy and the sciences of physical activity and sport. Therefore, the acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional competences, both common and specific to each specialty, will be ensured, and the global integration of this knowledge will be promoted, as well as research in the field of Health Sciences.

  • Interest for students

The interest of the double degree itinerary is justified on the basis of the acquisition of a higher level of competitiveness and a greater opportunity to find a work. It allows to expand knowledge and career opportunities in the world of sports and health.

The double degree itinerary does not mean taking twice many credits. Its curriculum is designed to recognize the common subjects for both degrees, which will be taken uniquely, and the specifics of each, which will be taken independently. In addition, the student will enjoy the time compatibility of the subjects, so that the planning will be much simpler, and will not have to do any management of validations.

This proposal for simultaneous studies requires full-time dedication during the training stage and will make it easier for students to complete both degrees in approximately five years, depending on the number of credits they choose per year.


You will become a highly qualified and complete professional in the service of sports and health. On the one hand, you can choose to work in the world of sports. This involves an important economic activity in our country, with numerous and attractive career opportunities: physical education teacher, coach, technical director, personal trainer,, manager of sports companies, sports manager in municipalities, coordinator of sports monitors, director of sports facilities, physical trainer of clubs, etc.

On the other hand you can choose to work in the world of health. The skills acquired in physiotherapy will allow you to act as a physiotherapist for sports teams, apply for places in the national health system, establish your own business, provide home care as a physiotherapist ...