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Resources for learning

UdL webpage: it is available to the general public; it provides all the information about the university, its faculties and activities at

Intranet: it consists in different spaces accessible only for users who own an assigned username, i.e. anyone belonging to any Unit, Faculty, Department or Government Body of the UdL.

E-mail: all the members of the University of Lleida (students, teachers and staff) have an e-mail account available at

Virtual Campus (SAKAI platform): the virtual campus is a teaching support tool. It makes part-time class attendance and e-learning possible. It is also a support tool that allows students and teachers to have at their disposal all the information needed for the subject (teaching plans, diaries, announcements, on-line activities and forums, among others).

Nestor Programme:  The NESTOR's programme objective is to support to students through personal, academic and professional orientation. The objective of this is to give students the opportunity to make the right choices during their Degrees, as future professionals and citizens.

Library: The University of Lleida has a Library and Documentation Service (SBD) recognised by ANECA since 2003 with a quality certificate.http://www.bib.udl.catSBD offers a wide range of services accessible through the Library website.

  • Purchase.
  • Training.
  • Laptops and USB sticks borrowing.
  • Book borrowing.
  • Obtaining documents (SOD in Catalan).
  • Bibliographic information.
  • Informative leaflets.
  • Refworks (an online bibliography management tool).

Digital library: The University of Lleida offers a range of documents that can be browsed on line:

  • Electronic files (dossier-e): it is a set of digitalized materials that aim to complement education, teaching and research.
  • E-books.
  • Electronic magazines browser.
  • Electronic dictionaries.
  • Electronic encyclopaedias .
  • Databases.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Thematic guides.
  • Virtual libraries.
  • Press.
  • Official newspapers.
  • Digital documents archive.

The Faculty of Nursing is part of the Campus of Health Sciences and is located on Montserrat Roig, 2  25198 in Lleida, within the premises of the Hospital de Santa Maria, is a building of recent construction of 4 floors, where there are: 5 classrooms, 3 seminars, 2 demonstration classrooms (laboratory) for simulated clinical practices, the Student Council, the Department of Nursing and Concierge. Also located are the "Jaume d'Agramunt" Library and the Health Sciences computer rooms.

The Faculty of Medicine is also located on the same premises; in this building we have complementary dependencies of the Center of common use for both Faculties, like:

- The area of ​​Academic Management (negotiated by students)

- Economic Area

- Aula Magna

- Classrooms

- Study room

- Seminars

- Repography service

- Campus information point

- Dependencies of the Dean's Office of the Faculty

- Coordination

- Faculty Boardroom (E-06)

On 3rd floor of the Faculty of Medicine has incorporated a special classroom where students of the Degree in Physiotherapy perform the simulated practices.

The clinical experience of the Nursing and Physiotherapy students is guaranteed by the internship in the services of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital, located within the campus in which our Center has a teaching support Unit for clinical practices. In this Teaching Unit there are, in addition to the classrooms, the computer user room, the Skills Laboratory, the teachers’ offices of the Department of Nursing; as well as the Biomedical Research Unit and a cafeteria. The internships are also carried out at the Santa Maria Hospital, in the Primary Health Care Centers of different localities in the province, and also in social and health centers and private clinics.

All computer rooms are equipped with a fixed digital cannon installation for connection to the computer and a projection screen. These classrooms have, at certain hours, student support staff (fellows).

Most classrooms have: fixed computer, public address system, sound installation with amplifier and speakers, fixed installation of digital cannon for connection to the computer and projection screen.

In all classrooms there are connection points to the UdL computer network, in addition to the Wi-Fi connection, which can be used in all common areas and in computer rooms.